Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Re-telling a Fairytale

For the past two weeks for writing, Room 5 have been re-telling fairytales from a different perspective or with a different ending.

Sneaky Black Riding Hood
Once upon a time on a sunny day a puny, little wolf  joyfully strolled through the woods to her grandma’s house. Little wolf heard a strange slashing as she walked along. Sneaky black riding hood suspiciously eyed little wolf while she sneakily made a short- cut  to Grandma’s house. Grandma wolf  was inside her house gently knitting a dainty jumper for little wolf when she heard the door slam on it’s hinges. As soon as Sneaky Black Riding hood stepped into the knitting room Grandma Wolf shrieked in terror. Grandma Wolf was too petrified to move so Sneaky Black Riding hood evilly tied her up in the stinky attic. Little wolf picked- out some pretty flowers to make Grandma Wolf feel pleasant and then trotted along to grandma’s doorway. Little wolf noticed the wooden door slightly opened. Little wolf stared at the door knob in total confusion. “HELP!” yelled Little Wolf’s grandma while the sound pierced Sneaky black riding hood’s ears. Little wolf felt butterflies crazily flutter around in her stomach. She walked through the door confidently and sighed in relief when she saw the normal living room of her Grandma but she didn’t notice she was getting ambushed by SNAP! Sneaky black riding hood wrongly trapped Little Wolf in her hands and gobbled her up. Little wolf’s grandma dissolved in tears when Sneaky Black Riding hood wickedly rubbed her tummy. There was a break of silence and then SLAM! A tall sturdy man bolted through the door. Sneaky black riding hood moved quickly and pointed her knife towards Grandma and slashed it but in a split second the wood chopper whacks the knife and it hits Sneaky black riding hood’s stomach which frees little wolf and painfully killed Sneaky black riding hood.

Into The Woods With Jack
by: Naysha 
Once a upon a time, in a land far far away lived Jack and his good-looking mother. They lived in a very cramped cottage. They owned a farm with a black and white friesian cow, four billy goats, a chicken and a rooster. Jack's family was very poor. They only had a portion of porridge and some oats left. But the oats were fed to the animals along with fresh hay.  It was cloudy and stormy that day when Jack and his mother had no more food left. Jack’s mother realised that they needed more money so poor Jack was sent into the mysterious woods with his precious cow. As he walked through the woods he heard the wind howling, sticks crackling under his feet and felt that someone was following him. Suddenly “poof” a horrid witch suddenly appeared out of nowhere and scared Jack and whispered in a screechy voice “Come closer little boy these three beans are magical”. But Jack was too frightened to even say a word the, witch continued “ if you do not trade my beans with your cow your mother shall face great death.“ Miss witch I’ll trade your beans with my cow” he said shivering with fear. Because if he didn’t  his mother would be in great danger and I can tell you for sure Jack didn't want that to happen. Jack’s mother was furious with anger when she found out when her son traded a $550 cow with three miniature and useless beans she threw the beans out  the window and sent Jack into his room without saying a word ,she murmured silently “kids these days don't even know what they’re doing”, But of course Jack couldn't dare to say a word of what happened to him in the woods . The next morning Jack was awakened by his boisterous rooster and sees a colossal beanstalk in the garden. He lied to his mum that he went to fill the pail with fresh, clean water, but with no one noticing Jack sneakily climbed up the towering beanstalk. When Jack reached the top of the beanstalk he saw  a humongous emerald house with a gold knob and slid right under the door and saw a golden, shimmering egg in a pan awaiting to be scrambled. He sneakily climbed up the kitchen cupboard and steals the egg in a jiff he roughly  climbed down the beanstalk ,while he was climbing down he heard yells of anger and despair. He hid the egg from his mother and goes up twice again and steals a feathery goose and a magical harp. Jack was shaking as he hid the three magical objects but at the same time his stomach was rumbling with hunger. When the giant found out that there was an entrance to his most dreamful house up in the clouds  he jumped down and collapsed the town with his giant footsteps. Jack was devastated when he sees nothing but a destroyed town from his shattered bedroom window he goes down the stairs and sees his beloved mother on the ground as he goes down town and finds out that there was a giant that came down the beanstalk and says “stop” before the giant destroyed the royal caste and explains everything to the giant. The giant realised that it is his only chance to make friends. In the end Jack  made a promise with the giant and returned the giants valuables and asked him to fix the town. The giant did so, and Jack was relieved to find that everything was back to normal even his mother was still alive. But his stomach was so loud that the giant even heard it and invited Jack and his mother to his enchanted  house to have a delightful supper. But the hateful witch was still up to no good when she found out her plan was destroyed and torn apart by the most helpless child which was Jack.

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The Gingerbread Bang
by: Alina
One day a poor baker decided to make a treat for her husband for all the work he’d been doing. She decided to make a gingerbread man and something manly like a gingerbread gun and gingerbread bullets. She lined the white frosting on the gingerbread man face, buttons and outline.  Then she put three m&ms on the buttons. She put the gingerbread man on a steel baking tray and  then put it in the oven. Her husband came in inside, he smelled something scrumptious baking so he asked “ what are you baking it smells delicious” “I'm making you a treat, a gingerbread man and a gingerbread gun with gingerbread bullets. “Oh it looks like it's ready” she replied. She went to open the oven then all of a sudden the Gingerbread man jumped up and grabbed the gingerbread gun and bullets. He started to run away. The bakers chased after the Gingerbread man. “Run run as fast as you can you can't catch me the gingerbread man” A girl and a boy saw The Gingerbread Man running and they decided to go and  catch him. “Run run as fast as you can you can't catch me The Gingerbread man” he repeated. Cows saw The Gingerbread man running so they decided to chase him to. Soon a lake came up and The Gingerbread Man can't go in water. The Gingerbread man was getting worried. Then a kenning fox came and said “Would you like to ride me across the lake?’’  “Okay’’ he replied  He jumped on the fox’s tail. Right after that the fox started swimming across the lake he was going deeper and deeper. He said “Why don't you go on my back so you won't get wet?’’ The Gingerbread Man went on his back. The fox went deeper and deeper. He said “Why don't you go on my head?” The Gingerbread Man went on his head. They had nearly crossed the lake but the fox cept going deeper and deeper. He said “Why don't you go on my nose?” So The Gingerbread man went on his nose. Now they had crossed the lake. The fox licked its lips. He tossed The Gingerbread Man up in the air and opened his mouth. The Gingerbread Man got out his gun and one bullet. He loaded his gun and BANG! He shot the fox and he lived happily ever after.

Big Red Riding hood
by: Sobia
Once upon a time there was a girl named Big Red Riding Hood. Her mother told her to go to the forest to give her grandma some cookies because that's the shortest way to go to her grandmas house. Then she kept walking and walking until she realized she was stuck. She was crying and crying and crying so much because she thought she would be stuck there forever. She waited there for such a long time and she was so bored she had nothing to do. Now she was still there playing with her hands and fingers and fidgeting with things that she had in her pocket. After some days her mother was so worried because she had not seen big red riding hood for so long. Her mother looked everywhere the kitchen, her bedroom, the toilets and the backyard but she was nowhere to be found!. Big red riding hood was there until… some kind of wolf came along. Big red riding hood was so frightened that she started shouting for help. While she was shouting and screaming the wolf felt so sorry for her so the wolf decided he will help big red riding hood get back home safely.  So the wolf helped big red riding hood become unstuck by calling lots of people so they can all work together and push her out of the trees. Surprisingly it worked! So the wolf and big red riding hood became best friends and they both went back home safely.

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