Thursday, September 14, 2017

Art Collage

For art, Room 5 constructed collages of an object. They chose one colour and used variations of the colour to cover their object. Room 5 also looked at the artist profile of Sir Peter Blake and made their own artist profile afterwards to post on their blogs along with their art piece. Great work Room 5!

Name: Sobia
Age: 9
Nationality: New Zealander
Best known for: My collages on pic collage and on different pieces of paper          Influences: I chose to pick that colour because i thought that an apple is the easiest to do and apples are usually red                                                                                              Purpose of artwork: The purpose of the artwork is to let other people know your hobbies,what you like and who you are                                                                                Creation of artwork: First i got a piece of paper and then i drew a shape and then got a magazine and looked for the same colour.


Name:  Naysha
Age: 10
Nationality: Indian and New Zealander
Best known for:  The art collages because you use different materials and it  looks unique Influences:  I chose a Blueberry and the color is blue.
Purpose of artwork:  the purpose was to use different shades but the same color in a piece of art  
Creation of artwork:  The process was to chose one object and to draw it. Then I  got magazines and cut different shades of blue and stick them on. Lastly we cut it out and stuck it on black paper.

Name: Danyon Varney
Age: 10
Nationality: New Zealander
Best known for: I am best known for my collage on pic-collage and paper favourite piece of artwork is the collage on the ipad.
Influences: I chose an orange because nobody else was doing an orange and I also didn’t want to do the same thing a everybody else.
Purpose of artwork: the purpose of the collage is to mix the one colour with a different shade of that colour.
Creation of artwork:
We had to get the same colour of the fruit or object in different shades and glue it to the object.

Name: Gabrielle
Age: 10
Nationality: Filipino
Best known for: I am the best at doing collages on the iPads on the app Pic-collage and on paper because I can select different pictures on the internet easier and and cut out different shades of colours.
Influences: images of different things that I like .
Purpose of artwork: Describes what I like and expresses what I am
Creation of artwork: we looked up images that I like and put then in the correct place.

Name: Aryan
Age: 9
Nationality: Afghanistan
Best known for:
Pop art because it is a unique piece of artwork and it is very colourful also we could choose any object we wanted.
I love drawing, painting and colouring but I am not that good at it.
Purpose of artwork:
It’s purpose is that it shows how good we are at art.
Creation of artwork:
First we had to pick an object then make four of them in each quarter then we colour them different colours so if we do a rectangle four times and we had purple, blue, green and yellow so the inside has to be a colour then outside is another colour inside also the inside cannot be the same colour twice and the outside can’t be the same.


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