Monday, August 21, 2017


For reading this week, the Canada reading group read about different flags and the significance of the various flags. For their reading activity, they constructed their own flag using facts from the country to reflect that countries culture and identity. 

My flag of Iceland has  the Northern lights that shine in the sky.
Also in Iceland there are hot springs that people go to.
There are ancient lava flows that have cooled up and made a waterfall cave.
There are lots of volcanoes in Iceland.
 The arctic fox is the only mammal that lives in Iceland.
There are also seals that live in Iceland That are different colours like white.
by: Rameen 


  1. Nice Job Rameen!
    I liked the way you added lots of important things to Iceland.
    Next time you may like to add less pictures to the flag and add things like constellations etc.
    Ka Rawe!

  2. Ka Pai Rameen!
    I liked the way you put in stuff that are important to Iceland