Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Persuasive Writing

For the past two weeks for writing, Room 5 has been constructing their own persuasive writing pieces. 

We should be able to wear any coloured shoes at school

by: Haley Dave

I firmly believe that changing the school guideline of wearing only navy, black or white shoes is a tremendous idea. Mrs. Davis-Crook, you should change the rule because we can effortlessly find shoes to wear to school. We might not even find the right size and have so much difficulty. You should also change the rule because if our shoes get lost we would not know whose shoes are whose. I personally believe you should change the school rule.

We should be able to wear any coloured shoes because we might not find the right coloured shoes and get in trouble by the teachers and we might even get detention. Do you think we should get detention if we are wearing different shoes? Black, white and navy shoes are so lifeless and if we wear bright coloured shoes then our school will be more colourful.. Not to mention playing in big bulky school shoes is not a good idea. Did I mention that the teachers make us run so much and if we have oversized shoes imagine what would happen to us!!

We might not find the right size shoe and when we run they might fall off. Just imagine if we run in humongus shoes what would happen. Our teachers make us run so much and if we were wearing big shoes and we ran we would trip up. Mrs. Davis-Crook wearing big shoes will cause a lot of accidents and the whole sickbay will be filled with kids. I really think you should change the rule!

If are shoes get lost are parents will get so angry at us, so if you change the rule then we would not lose are shoes and we would not get a lot of trouble. Also if we wear bright coloured shoes are school would be the happiest and brightest school ever. If the bell rings and we are still looking for our shoes then we would get in trouble because we were not there for the afternoon roll or we go back to class but then someone puts our shoes in the lost property!

To reiterate, wearing colourful shoes will make our school more colourful and bright. Plus if we wear big bulky shoes then we would all trip up and the sickbay would be full with so many kids. If our shoes get lost our parents would get so angry. Do you think we deserve our parents getting angry with us? Overall I strongly believe that changing the rule of only wearing dull coloured shoes is a great idea. Mrs. Davis-Crook you should definitely change the rule.

Devices, devices at school
by: Frederick Sun
I believe that we should be able to bring any device to school, not just a Chromebook. School kids are disinterested always using the Chromebook and iPad's, so why not bring our own device? By the way,if we bring any device, more school kids have opportunity to work a device so they can finish work on time. And the school doesn't  need to waste money on devices and it will take a long time to get used to.

First of all, You must understand that we all can have a chance to use a Chromebook. Have you ever noticed kids rush to the front of the line? Well they also rush to get the Chromebooks and iPads ,then what's left for the other kids? Nothing, so why can’t we bring our own devices to school.

You can also save a lot of money on devices.Then, with the money, you can buy more stationary for subjects like math and reading. We would be able to learn with that stationary you bought us and we can  record everything every piece of work on our device.

Not to mention, we also need to get used to using a Chromebook because if we had a phone and we used it a lot then we will be used to it.You will think that we normally don’t use devices but we do, you just don’t know that because we haven’t even got used to it. That's why we are always getting frustrated, getting annoyed and typing slowly.

Overall, you should be able to bring our own device. Then we don’t need to rush and hurt ourselves just to get a Chromebook. You also don’t need to spend money on a Chromebook so you can buy more stationary and teach us more subjects. Doesn’t that sound good?  

We should get new changing rooms next to the pool
by: Jonathan Mar
I highly recommend we get brand new changing rooms and I think that the school absolutely needs them. We really need them because water from the pool stays there for years because we need gutters. Also dirt is literally growing on the floor. Also the size of the changing rooms is so small you can barely change without someone standing right next to you! If you changed in there you would know what I mean.

First of all the water that lies on the floor never goes until it has dried out and that takes years! When you step on the ground you can hear a squelch.But If we had gutters the water would actually go somewhere apart from right in the middle of the floor! Also when you drop stuff it is the worst! Having to put on wet dirty clothes is like having to wear a potato sack for the rest of your life!  Can you imagine what it would be like to have a drier changing room?

Now how clean are the changing rooms?  Well first of all the walls are dirty. Somehow dirt has got stuck on the wall and now it is literally growing on it. Now the walls look really bad. On the floor when the water comes in, it mixes with dirt all over the ground and it makes a disgusting mix of dirt water and it makes everyone shiver. I am very sure that you could at least clean the floor.

I saved the worst for last. The size of the changing is so small you have people changing right next to you. The changing rooms is one place that I would say, you need a little privacy. If you have been in the changing rooms you should know that the ground is so dirty everyone stands on the bench. On the bench there is even less space! Even if we did not change the floor give us a little bit more bench space. Trust me you don't want a person shouting right in your ear.

To summarize the best option is to get brand new changing rooms for us. We will have nice gutters that suck up all the water for us. We can have actual clean changing rooms and that would be extremely nice. Lastly the size Is so tiny that I feel like i'm in a cramped toilet. I shiver when I walk in and my heart starts beating like crazy. It's basically a 100 year old haunted  bathroom stall. You must give us new changing rooms right now!!!

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