Sunday, May 21, 2017

Time Machine

For the past two weeks the scientists in Room 5 have been hard at work building a time machine for inquiry to present at syndicate assembly. The concept came from the idea of combining last term's inquiry, Who am I, with this term's inquiry functions. Firstly, Room 5 designed a 3D model of what they wanted the machine to look like, then as a class we designed the final product. Along the way we ran into problems, our biggest problem was not having a big enough box for the time machine. But Room 5 improvised and we used what we had and cut, taped and glued different boxes together to make our final product. Students were split up into groups and in charge of a different aspect of the time machine. Within each group we ran into difficulties but in the end Room 5 collaborated to solve the problems and to create the final product. Overall, we learned duct tape can fix any problem. 

The following photos illustrate our process behind the creation of the time machine: 

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