Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Similes and Metaphors

What's the difference between a simile and a metaphor? Last week for writing, Room 5 identified the differences between similes and metaphors and used their knowledge to create their own metaphor and simile poems. 

Simile and Metaphor Poems
I am as sneaky as an assassin.
I am as silly as a monkey.
I am as furious as king kong.
I am as smart as a fish.
I am strong like John Sena.
I am as crazy as a mad scientist.
I am as sneaky as a baby.

The night is a black cat.
The night is shiny cheese.
The night is a dark twilight.
The night is a dark lord coming to attack us.
The night is a dark soul.
The night is a shaped glowing star.
The night is a curse upon us.
by: Aryan

Simile and Metaphor Poems

I am as fast as usain bolt
I am as sporty as the All blacks
I am as creative as a builder
I am as artistic as my Dad
I am as adventurous as bear grylls
I am as funny as a comedian
I am as loud as a wolf  

The boy was a monkey inside the classroom.
The classroom was a bomb site after morning tea.
School homework is a big huge storm.
The girl was a hyena screaming in class.
Writing time turning very slowly.
The girl was a lion roaring loud.
I think school is a zoo there’s so many kids.  
by: Danyon

Metaphor Poem: School

School is falling and grazing your knee.
Horribly painful!
School is getting cursed by a horrible ghost.
Terribly scary!
School is having 2 elephants standing on your head.
You can’t stand it anymore!
School is a birthday party ruined by your worst enemy.

I could cry forever!

by: Mishti

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  1. You did a great job at being descriptive. Next step is to proof read.