Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WALT-compare and contrast Indian and Chinese immigration

For inquiry, Room 5 has been looking at India immigration to New Zealand. As a class we researched and discussed the differences and similarities between Indian and Chinese immigration to New Zealand. 

by: James, Meera, Mishti and Eknoor

by: Jonathan, Amelia, Danyon, Sobia, Anish and Eshaan

    Differences India
   Differences China
A reason they left was because of the decline of village industries.
Left because of war,overpopulation and   crime.
Left because of competitive education.
There was underemployment in India .
In India and China they were underpaid.
They re-migrated from different countries.
There were expensive houses .
There were not much job opportunities in China and India.
The miners wives and children  were allowed to come in the 19th century.
Indians immigrated on British ships.
They did not make much money in China and India.
There were land shortages in China.
They came in the 18th centaury.
There was waste and pollution.
There was drought.
They could come freely to NZ unlike Chinese.
There was peasant revolts in India and China.
Many worked as slaves in China.
The act started  was passed in 1899.
Stealing and robbery.
More relaxed lifestyle in NZ.
They were determined to go to NZ.
They had trouble immigrating .
They arrived in the 19th century.
They were aware of opportunities overseas.
There was racism.

by: Naysha, Rameen, Ruyi, Aryan and Alina

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