Thursday, February 16, 2017

Recounting the Summer Holidays

Wonder what the students of Room 5 got up to over the summer holidays? Read about an exciting moment on their summer holidays!

Exciting moment
b y: Jonathan Mar
It was a warm starry night. The stars lit up the sky like little night lights. The crescent moon lay amongst the endless dark sky. Our windows glowed yellow in the street. Inside we were having meatballs when my mum opened the sliding door. It opened with a deafening “creek” I squinted through my eyes trying to adjust to the thick vivid blackness.
I heard a "beep" coming up our neighbours driveway. A massive truck stopped next to our old fence. Mum walked out and had a long conversation with the guy leaving us clueless on what was happening. After a while my mom came back after stacking some heavy looking boxes onto our brown open spaced deck and says we're getting a trampoline. I smile surprisingly. I jump up and down like an energetic kangaroo. It was the best day ever.

trampoline sports equipment ...

The most exciting moment on holiday
by: Haley Dave
It was the morning I got ready and jumped into the car the car was nice and cozy, then my dad started driving when we got to the desert. I got more excited then I really was there. Then we got a glorious guide. He knew everything about animals and mostly about camels. Then we got onto the camels I sat with my brother and my mum sat with my dad. The guide took us so far away, that we were nearly at the end of the desert. The glorious guide said that there are so many movies filmed there it was so cool. There were even camel carts but we wanted to sit on the real camel. The camel was running and when it was running it was going back and forth.

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  1. Good job Haley and Jonathan! I like the way you used a lot of detail.